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We also welcome all those who have projects and proposals within the aims of the Foundation. 

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Call for membership in 2024

The initiatives of Franz Liszt Foundation multiply and amplify in many centers and in several areas – development trough workshops, performance and composition in contemporary classical music, art, film - in France and in Italy, Brazil, Portugal and Greece.

We have launched musical meetings, courses, The Paradise Festival completing already eleven editions, where several young musicians, composers and also famous young artists will take part through our actions and partnerships.

All these efforts mainly for the benefit of young talented are possible if we have the support of our members

We invite all members and sympathizers of the Franz Liszt Foundation to join or renew their membership. Do it directly online http://www.fondation-franzliszt.org/index.php/en/adhere-en or by bank transfer (ask for coordinates and details the tresorerie@fondation-franzliszt.org ).

Your contribution and effective participation are essential to the success of our projects and prosecution of our ideals. Even small donations are valuable to make possible our actions.

Thank you for supporting the Franz Liszt Foundation!

Fabio Luz, president


The Franz Liszt Foundation is an artistic and cultural association created under the wellknown French law of 1901,  international and interdisciplinary, distinguished by its humanistic ideals.

It is presented as a force for human and social progress by proposing initiatives to promote access to art and culture to as many people. So it requires actors from the cultural and economic world, wishing to communicate and share in order to enter a common construction.

Music and art in general have always been "humanism", that is to say, they are fundamentally at the service of man and of humanity. In this sense, they are the opposite of the general process of cultural commercialization that prevails in our societies. Certainly everyone should live by his work, but it is also conceivable that it may be more effective and rewarding to do otherwise than relying into the mold of the market which creates rivalry, competition and “everyone for himself”.

For these reasons we propose to all artists to engage in actions that put their art at the service of cultural, social and economic activities, which will enable them to become known and recognized more closely than by only opening a page on the social networks, developing through advertising purchases, thus transforming themselves into a product like any other.

The companies concerned about social responsibility and ethics will naturally synergize with cultural actors,  seeking the common good whose benefits will return, by definition, to each and every.

We invite artists to join and companies to become partners. The action of the Franz Liszt Foundation, which already has an extensive network developed internationally (especially in Brazil) and a substantial content can flourish and bring with it beneficial behavioral changes to all members of our societies.


Intents and purposes of the Foundation:

Facilitating access to Arts and Culture to the largest number of people by any means,  through educational events.

Building  bridges between arts, music, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, literature, poetry .. and the interchange between cultures.

Making  known those Artists who will be noted for their open approach and social involvement.

Opening Classical Music and Arts in a social dimension, as educational means against exclusion and poverty.

Support and develop artistic and cultural initiatives towards the Third Age and  the intergenerational dialogue.

Creating synergies between classical musicians, artists and researchers in all disciplines.

Creating social bonds between Artists and Small / Medium Companies through local sponsorship.

Creating and supporting initiatives within the framework of cultural and economic development.

Supporting projects in France and abroad for the dissemination of Classical Music, especially for piano, and the Arts in general.

Organizing concerts, international piano and composition contests, courses and festivals, through public and private funding, or by membership fees.

Providing scholarships for courses and master classes held by itself or by others, with public and private funding, or by membership fees.

Placing  Music in the service of the construction of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, of fraternity and peace, embodying this way the universal and humanistic vision of Franz Liszt.






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